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The Circle Brilliant Garden in Beijing was burnt 150 years ago…

As time goes by, with the tears and blood of the ancestors, under the top priority of economic development, the living standard of Chinese people has obviously been improved.  In 2009, China has become the second highest GDP country in the world – just behind the United States.  Of course, in term of GDP per capita, there is much room for improvement.

The financial crisis and the later tsunami have told us that no single country in the world can escape from their devastating effects under the shade of globalization.  If China is going to sustain her growth, the closed-door policy must be up-rooted.  It is a must to work hand-in-hand with the rest of the world to utilize the strengths and compensate the weaknesses of its machinery.

The concept of synergy among China and the rest of the world has been incorporated in the company name of Sino-plus Business Consulting Limited:  Sino-plus.  The establishment of Sino-plus Business Consulting Limited and Y.F.Tam & Co., CPAs is committed to facilitate the business activities among China and the rest of the world.